Cuff Pressure Controller Device

The Unique Selling Point
▪ Complying With ERS (European Respiratory Society )Standard.
▪ The Production Processes And Equipment Standard have passed ISO13485 And The EU CE Certifications.
▪ Accurately, Automatic And Real-time For Controlling The Pressure.
▪ Stabilized Pressure Within The Set Range.
▪ Real-time Data Storage For Easy Traceability.
▪ Automatic Fault Diagnosis, Warning In Advance By Alarm And Light Function.
▪ Equipped With AC & Polymer Lithium Battery To Keep Excellent Stability For The Pressure.
▪ Equipped With Professional High-precision Pressure Sensor.
▪ Digital LCD Display Screen.
▪ According To The EU Medical Device MDR, Classified As Ⅱ a.








— The Parts Of Product —


Display Screen

1)The Applied Material:

◆ The Digital LCD Display Screen

2)The Function:

◆ The Pressure Display Real-time

◆ Drawing The Oscillogram

◆ Displaying The Setting Information

◆ The Polymer Lithium Battery Level Information

◆ ID For The Patient


The Cap For Pushbutton

1)The Applied Material:

◆ The Environmentally Friendly ABS Engineering Plastics

2)The Function:

◆ The Controlling Switch

◆ Setting The Pressure Value

◆ To Control The Filling & Deflation System


The Port of Connection

1)The Applied Material:

◆ Cooper(Galvanizing)

2)The Function:

◆ As The Connection Port Connected With Connecting Tube And Cuff Pressure Controller Device

04.jpgThe Port of SD Card

1)The Function:

◆ The SD Card Slot For Inserting The SD Card

05.jpgThe Power On / Off Botton

1)The Applied Material:

◆ The Environmentally Friendly ABS Engineering Plastics

2)The Function:

◆ The Power On / Off Control


The Port of Electric Power

1)The Function:

◆ As The Connection For Electric Power And Charging For Polymer Lithium Battery


The Connecting Tube

1)The Applied Material:

◆ Thermoplastic Polyurethanes(TPU For Short)

2)The Function:

◆ As The Connection Between Cuff Pressure Controller Device And Endotracheal Intubation

◆ Applied TPU Materials With Better Stabilities, For Example, The Hardness And Oxidation Resistance Were The Best Among The Similar Materials, And It Has Excellent Physical Properties, Such As Hardness, Strength And Elasticity. At Same Time, With Excellent Chemical Resistance And Environmental Protection.