Disposal Suction Toothbrush For Oral Hygiene

The Clinical Practice Background:
▪ Due to the ICU severe patients for long-term bedridden, they are unable to cough up sputum on their own, and the sputum is easily left in the mouth and between the teeth.
▪ Secretions and sputum that remain in the mouth and teeth for a long time, it should be very easy to breed the bacteria, producing the peculiar smell and even erosion, cause the oral tissue-related diseases, and easily lead to aspiration pneumonia.
▪ So, the clinical oral care cleaning for these ICU severe patients are very important.

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The Parts Of Product


Sillicone Brush Head

1) Made by medical grade of silicone materials with the excellent biocompatibility to human tissues.

2) The used materials are soft, elastic and the excellent toughness, to ensure that the bristles should not be broken.

◆ The soft bristles will increase the touched regions with the teeth, which gently and thoroughly it can clean the gaps between the teeth, and avoid damaging the oralmucous membrane, gums and other parts, preventing the loss of bristles to the traditional cotton balls and toothbrushes.


The Toothbrush Handle

◆ Applied to PP materials, its excellent hardness can ensure that the product should be well shaped. And in the process of usage, effectively it can be borne the pressure for brushing, and will not be bent and out of shape under the appropriate pressure.

◆ The semitransparent plastic parts design, effctively it can be observed the flowing state for the cleaning devil liquor internal.


The Connector For Conveying The Cleaning Fluid

◆ Applied to soft PVC materials.

◆ The Head Cover designed at the through-hole in the middle of the connector, effectively which can bear the internal liquid pressure force generated by squeezing the liquid reservoir.

◆ The through hole in the middle of tube for transmitting the cleaning solution liquid, it is well matched with the syringe,non-existent for the any possibility at the liquid leakage and easy falling off.


Sputum Suction And Discharge Cavity Tube

◆ Applied to soft PVC materials.

◆ After using the product of Conglay Disposable Suction Toothbrush For Oral Hygiene, to suck the phlegm out of the patient's oral cavity, the cleaning or oral care solution injected into the patient's oral cavity by squeezing the airbag in the handle. At the same time, utilized the negative pressure suction device, to absorb the residual sputum and cleaning solution in the patient's oral cavity through the suction lumen.

◆ To Adjust The Negative Pressure To 40-60Kpa For Usage.