The Unique Selling Point For CONGLAY Brand

The Most In-depth Market Research.
Making Statistical Analysis According To Different Sales Area And Different Users’ Requirements.
Holding The Key Technology For Respiratory Tract Management Applications Product System.
Design And Tailoring For The Special Applications.
Focused On The Complete Independent Intellectual Property.
Safety, Stable Property, Trust & Attractive.
Excellent Stability, Convenience, High Efficiency And Comfortable.
In The Course of Treatment, Deeply The Patients Experienced Humanized Psychological Comfort, Hope For The Medical Security Support In The Spiritual.
Reliable, Durable & Long-lasting Service Life.

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Wuxi Conglay Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ( CONGLAY For Short ) established in 2014, and which is near Taihu Lake, located In The Huishan Wuxi City, China, It is only 30 kilometers away from Wuxi East High-speed Railway Station.

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The Active Medical Devices The Passive Medical Devices
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The New Products
In Developing

Cuff Pressure Controller Device

Accurately, Automatic And Real-time For Controlling The Pressure.

Digital LCD Display Screen.

According To The EU Medical Device MDR, Classified As Ⅱ a

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Cuff Pressure Gauge

Two Different Kinds of Functions To Adding & Decompressing In The Pressure Control As Following:

① Precisely Inflating & Adding The Pressure

② Accurately Deflating & Decompressing

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Connecting Tube On Cuff Pressure Controller Device

Effectively In Order To Filter Too Much Or Too Little Momentary Sudden Pressure, For This Reason, Increased The Pressure Stabilizing Device, Thereby, The Pressure Should Be More Stable, Reduced The Irritations And Damages To Respiratory Tract, And Improved The Comfort For Patient.

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The Conglay's Core Values

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